Graduate Student

About Me

Hi, thanks for coming to my site. I am a graduate student in GSDS at Seoul National University. I am studying in Causality Lab Causality Logo.


I’m interested in causal decision making and causal effect identification.


[2016 - 2021] : B.S. in Applied statistic & Mathematics at Sejong University; Advisor : Prof. Jieun Lee
[2022 - Present] : Master & Ph.D course in Data Science at Seoul National University; Advisor : Prof. Sanghack Lee


Min Woo Park and Ji Eun Lee, Computation of the iterated Aluthge, Duggal, and Mean transforms, Filomat (2023) - [paper]


  1. Convergence of the iterated mean transforms of a 2 × 2 matrix (Submitted)
  2. Complete Graphical Criterion for Sequential Covariate Adjustment in Causal Inference (Submitted)
  3. Value of Information under Insolubility
  4. Completeness of Graphical Criteria - Non Redundant under Optimality